We are creating a platform for the creation of value between users by developing opportunities for, knowledge and information sharing, employment, services, mentor-ship, education and volunteering. We hope to build a platform for access to all services needed by users at the promptest time possible and at the best quality available. Our goal is to connect people through their work.


To achieve this, we intend to; facilitate the continuous engagement of users in self-development, encourage engagement, and safe interaction between users of the platform. We also hope to encourage best practices by creating a rating system. Worketti is therefore a two-way platform: On one side are users who are looking to hire services and on the other are professionals who have the skills to provide needed solutions.


We believe in the dignity of labour and the ability of all to pursue their dreams through the acquisition of skills and the delivery of value by solving problems in their communities. The ultimate goal is to build a community of people committed to solving problems and creating collaborations for this purpose. We are therefore building Worketti to make work more engaging, fun and fulfilling, which we believe will create greater collaboration and impact, creating diverse platforms for the creative solutions of problems in local communities.