The Galaxy Note 7 didn’t scare off Samsung buyers; Google punishes Pixel phone resellers, and more news.

Google gets tough: Google suspended hundreds of accounts for users trying to resell their Pixel phones in New Hampshire, which has no sales tax. Although the suspended accounts have since been reactivated, it “creates an unsettling precedent for Google users.” Gizmodo writes: “The entire story is unusual, and shows how Google is trying to take more control over product distribution.”

Symantec will buy identity theft protection company LifeLock for $2.4 billion as it continues “re-orientating its business more heavily towards cybersecurity.” The deal could be announced as early as today; LifeLock’s shares have increased 45% this year for a market value of roughly $1.95 billion.

Hummus might not be so good for you after all: Sabra is recalling some of its hummus products after discovering Listeria may be present. While no Listeria has been found in the products that have been tested thus far, it’s recommended that any Sabra hummus with a “Best Before” date through January 23, 2017 should be discarded.


Amid persistent criticism that Facebook isn’t doing enough to suppress “fake news,” Zuckerberg re-addressed the issue with comments that go “beyond his previous statements.” “We’ve made significant progress, but there is more work to be done,” he wrote. Some of those efforts include systems for easier reporting and stronger detection, exploring warning labels for flagged content, and working with fact-checking groups.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 debacle seems to have had little impact on US consumers’ desire to buy more Samsung electronics, a survey by Reuters shows. The poll shows 27% of those who know about the recall would still consider buying another Samsung smartphone, although whether they actually go through with it is another question: “[The poll] measured how interested people were in buying Samsung phones, not how much the recall directly influenced their decisions.” Nonetheless, “the survey found that current Samsung smartphone users were as loyal to their brand as Apple Inc iPhone customers.”

Angela Merkel will seek a fourth term as the leader of Germany. Merkel, who has served as chancellor for eleven years, faces an election “unlike any other she has fought” and a global tide against incumbents and establishment politicians.

Cover Photo: A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 lays on a counter after it was returned to a Best Buy on September 15, 2016 in Orem, Utah. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)galaxy-note7

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