Worketti: The Next Generation of Work Search

Worketti: The Next Generation of Work Search

What differentiates the celebrity fashion designer and that talented tailor who has not hit it big yet? What differentiates the best-selling writer from the blogger just getting by? What separates you from your next big break? We all know a lot of people who are not as talented or as skilled as we are but seem to be considered the ‘best’. We know hardwork is important but we also believe there is another key divider between those who are considered industry leaders and those who have not gotten there yet despite years of work…It is OPPORTUNITY.
Let’s face it; opportunity makes men leave their towns to cities like Lagos. It is opportunity that has differentiated DJ Cuppy from most of her contemporaries. We all want the opportunity to be able to show our talent and tell our own stories in ways others can identify with. Whether we would admit it or not, some people are exposed to more opportunities than others either by reason of location, knowledge, or birth. What if we could change that and provide people with access to opportunity. Introducing…Worketti.

Worketti is a platform aimed at providing talented and skilled young talent with the opportunity to show their work, tell their stories and access a large pool of people around them who may need their skills, products or services or people who can support them in the ways they need. Worketti is a work finding portal…plus more. It enables users to be found and to get their work seen at a glance. Worketti’s ultimate goal is to… connect people through their work.
How do we intend to achieve this? Worketti aims to build a community of hardworking young people willing to share their work with the world; young people willing to share their truth. The platform affords every user with a micro blog to document their projects which can be viewed by anyone who needs their skills or services. At a glance, a visitor is able to see through the journey of a potential service provider and access whether he desires to do business or not. In summary, the platform puts control in the hands of the user. A user can take up many projects because we understand that young people today are multi-talented and are willing to pursue as many talents as they can.
Worketti uses a search engine which requires visitors to input the service needed and the preferred location. The search brings up the profiles of users based on the visitor’s inputs, the availability and proficiency of users who meet the criteria on the platform. We believe this is a useful tool in today’s fast changing world where efficiency is key. We are working to build a platform where people find not just work, but support, knowledge, training, and mentorship. We are working to build a platform that celebrates quality in ways which benefits the user and visitor, making work more fulfilling and benefitting the world in the process.
Worketti is more than work…it is about opportunities; It is more than a community…it is a movement.
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